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Character Information
Portrayed by Devon Werkheiser
Name: Levi Esmond
Aliases: Lev
Birthday: Apr 03, 1922
Position: RCMC Beast Division, Ranger-trainee
Lineage: Half-blood


Levi is a young man nearing the age of adult hood. He is tall and a skinny but not lanky. This young man can be found in school uniform most of the days of the week, but during the weekends and holidays he comfortable in muggle attire as well. He wears his light-brown hair is medium in length and often times is not brushed anyone direction but neat all the same. The stand out feature or so he's been told are his blue eyes which are bright.


Levi was born in Edinburgh to Edward and Renee Esmond his father is a wizard and runs a small broomstick repair shop which he took over from his father. His mother a muggle works at the library in town. He learned a pretty equal footing from each but when old enough he took to helping where he could about his father's shop.

It's this manual labor without the help of magic which taught him his work ethic and how to get things he needs and wants through working for them. He took this along with him to Hogwarts when he went. He was sorted into Hufflepuff and it seemed fitting to him at least.

The young boy took to most of his classes quickly enough though doing better in things like charms then others such as history of magic, he decided to join the arts club to make more friends both in and outside of his own house. He seemed to show an interest in music and so was given the guitar and began learning to play it

When he was old enough he decided to choose care of magical creatures as an elective and enjoys working with the animals. He is pondering continuing along this field when he leaves school.He has now spent five years at Hogwarts making friends and choosing what he'd like to do with himself after school is over.

RP Hooks

On the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, maybe you played with or against him?

Enjoys playing music when he's not in class or training for Quidditch


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  • Soft-hearted
  • Common Sense
  • Wealth: Comfortable







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