That Palancher Smile
Portrayed by Sean Faris
Name: Samuel Lincoln Palancher
Aliases: Linc, Palancher
Birthday: Apr 19, 1914
Position: Appleby Arrows Quidditch
Lineage: Half-Blood


Linc is a man with a thick athletic build. He has tanned skin, caramel brown eyes, stands about 6'6" tall, and is approximately 194 pounds. His hair is short very dark brown and windblown.

Built for one thing since birth Samuel 'Linc'oln Palancher was born to be on a broom, beater's bat in hand. His muscles are dense but packed for lithe mobility. His eye betray more intelligence then his dumb jock act puts off. But he's got an amazing smile that's practically a trademark in the Pro-Quidditch world that's called the Palancher Grin. He's definitely of English stock with his aquiline patrician nose to his mouth with a smaller upper lip and fuller stronger bottom lip to his gently rounded chin.


The Palancher's have been in Quidditch nearly since the invention of the game. It's a family story that a Palancher was apart of the original group of kids that invented the game. If it's the truth or not is unknown, but as for Linc himself, he doubts it. What he doesn't doubt is that his family loves, lives and breathes Quidditch. The Palancher's were a proud pure-blooded family until that is, Linc's father messed that all up by falling for the prettiest runway model when he was invited to a team mate's sister's modeling debut. Quentin 'Quick' Palancher needed no further excuse to go view pretty ladies and while his team mate laid the line at leaving his sister alone, he didn't say anything about the sister's best friend. Holly Hobbs was enchanted by Quentin and he became her first and only love. As for Quentin he was quite the ladies man, but he was at least honorable enough to marry Holly when she realized she was pregnant. The wedding however caused quite the severance in the Palancher Family. Quentin was disowned so Holly's family and Quentin's team mates was the only family that Linc, his older sister (and the reason for the wedding) Paeonia, and his baby sister 'Kit' knew. They lived in Holly's family estate in Kent. Holly adjusted well to being the wife of a famous Wizard celebrity. She also raised her children to live for themselves and to not rely on magic for everything.

Started at Hogwarts in 1925. With his older sister, Paeonia, who was very popular already a few years ahead so he settled in very quickly. While he was never quite studious he loved Craft Club and Flying club. He had already been flying around in Kent since he could stay on a broom, his father's influence. So he sort of naturally became an Aide to the old, close to retiring, Flying instructor and Linc helped most of his fellows get the basics of the ins and outs of flying. It was only natural when he became a Beater for the Gryffindor Team in his second year in 1926. While he was passing - barely - in most of his base classes he didn't bother taking electives. He is known to be the culprit behind a spot on the Potion's Classroom ceiling that occasionally drips boggies like a runny nose due to a severely botched potion that exploded straight up. He remained in school after OWLs to re-take his Potions tests and take a NEWT in Charms.

Linc joined the Appleby Arrows when he graduated and has been a Beater on that Team ever since. His fellow Beater, Demetrius has been his partner on the Pitch ever since Hogwarts as they both were on the Gryffindor Team together. Creation of his own line of Quidditch supplies is forever on the table. As much as he wishes to be out of his father's sizable shadow he is pretty much the second coming of his father to the sport and to the world of dating.

RP Hooks

  • Appleby Arrows - Linc has been a Beater for the Appleby Arrows since he graduated from Hogwarts in 1932.
  • Gryffindor Class of 1932 - Linc is one of those people that is extremely proud and loyal to his former house to this day.
  • Autographs - Often Linc can be found at the Quidditch Stores signing items and promoting his own line of Quidditch gear.
  • Palancher's Pad - Linc lives with Phronsie, their little girl Briony Rose and baby boy Wright Bowman at Sussex Place in Regent's Park.


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  • Ladies Man
  • Can Get Cocky
  • Famous Family
  • Wealth: Rich



Estranged Father - Quentin 'Quick' Palancher, Former Quidditch Champion, now works at the Department of Magical Sports. While Linc admires his father on a professional level, he rather dislikes his father on a more personal basis. They are quite a like in their appreciation and love for the female of the species, but as far as Linc is concerned, he's not married. So when it was discovered that Quentin cheated on his mother with a girl old enough to be Linc's girlfriend, well things got very very tense between Linc and his father, and they haven't reconciled as of yet. Mostly contacting one another about the family business, Quidditch.


Holly Palancher nee Hobbs
Mother - Former model, Holly might be a Muggle, but it did not stop Quentin from pursuing her. Pae's conception sealed the deal and they were married.


Big Sister - They are very close, though he barely sees her now since she's become the Professor of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts.


Little Sister - Since she graduated Hogwarts the family gets post cards or folders filled with her art from all over the world.


'Rugrat' aka Brand
Baby Brother - He's lucky he's cute. Far as Linc's concerned his baby brother was his father's and mothers attempt to 'start over' again after he cheated on her and she idiotically took him back.


Bebe's Mamma - While Linc's gaze and attentions might wander and roam he always comes home to the woman tied for first as the love of his life, their daughter being the girl she's tied with. They don't have a relationship many can understand. Sometimes they aren't even sure what sort of relationship that they have. All he knows is she and their daughter come first, everything else is just frill.


Briony Rose Prewett-Palancher
Daughter - The only girl he knows he'll spend forever with. Watching what happened with his parents when they were forced to marry after Holly got pregnant with Paeonia, Linc was very torn about what to do when he learned that Sophia (Phronsie) hid her pregnancy from him. There has been quite a bit of flack from the public that Briony's parents never married. But Linc is a full time father to the girl despite the fact that he and Sophia never married. She seriously has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. Her precious tiny little finger. Born February 1935.


Wright Bowman Prewett-Palancher
Son - Born September 28th 1939. Briony made a Christmas wish for a baby brother and sister and like most things Linc was helpless against the sweet wish. So rather roughly nine months after Christmas of 1938 along came Wright. Named after the man that invented the Snitch. So of course Linc has nicknamed his son Snitcheroo. A favorite pass time is tickling his chubby lil belly and making his arms flail about. Just like a snitch!



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