Character Information
Portrayed by Francesca Capaldi
Name: Lissie Keir
Aliases: -
Birthday: Aug 25
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Muggle-born


Lissie Kier is a thin, waiflike child, looking rather small for her age. Her milky-pale skin is freckle-dusted, and her eyes are wide and pale green, framed with long lashes. She has a snub nose and pale lips, and a soft, round face. Her hands and feet are small and delicate-looking. Her hair, though, is a mane of unruly red-gold curls that reaches to the small of her back. Lissie is wearing a faded hand-me-down dress that is rather too large for her; it was once green and covered with flowers. She also is wearing a buttoned jumper of nondescript wool that is almost as long as the dress. She is wearing one blue knee sock and one yellow knee sock, and she has sturdy brown shoes on her feet.


On the 25th of August, 1929, Lissie was born at home to Niall Keir and his wife Bradana in their cottage in the tiny village of Torrin on the Isle of Skye where her father was a crofter with a number of sheep. He also had seven growing (and mostly burly) sons and two adult daughters when Lissie was born: Margaret, Donna, William, Angus, Roddy, Grant, Hamish, James, and Max, ranging from 25 to 7 years older than her. They were a fairly close-knit family, in the small cottage bursting at the seams, and they were poor. Lissie didn't mind that; she had her family and her own room, the sea, the hills and the sky, clothes to wear and shoes when she wanted them, and regular meals. She had the dogs Teb and Bren, the poultry and the odd single owl in the barn, the sheep, the rabbits, the foxes and birds and butterflies.

It was the butterflies that started it. Lissie knew, from very early on, that she was different. Her mother paid closer attention to her, used to whisper stories to her as long as she could remember. One spring day a butterfly landed on her, and a moment later the toddler was surrounded by a dance of multicolored butterflies. After that, strange things seemed to happen fairly often: brightly-coloured sheep or chickens laying Easter-coloured eggs. Every 'mishap' seemed to give her mother secret, quiet joy, and so the girl did her best to *try* to make odd things happen. It was a comfort to the shy girl, whose oddities seemed to frighten her cousins — girls her own age, and annoy her brothers.

When Lissie was old enough to understand and keep a secret, her mother explained to her about the 'other' world. Lissie was a witch, Bradana told her, while she herself was a Squib, disappointing daughter of wizard and witch Darius and Prevella Ainsley. She passed on such knowledge as she could about magical creatures, knowing her daughter's love of animals, and about the magical world in general, to prepare her daughter for the future. So, in a summer marked by growing darkness and the threat of war and her brothers being called to fight, still there was a brightness to it for Lissie, an owl and a trip to Diagon Alley, and the knowledge that a whole new world awaited her at Hogwarts.

RP Hooks

  • Animal Lover: Lissie loves animals and learned from her mother about magical creatures. If your character has strong opinions about animals, there's a scene to be had!
  • Loves to Learn: Lissie loves to learn, and she feels she needs to catch up to her peers. Want to tutor? Do a study group? I'm in!


  • Shy
  • Likes Animals
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Musically Inclined
  • Outdoorsy


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Bradana Keir (nee Ainsley)
Bradana is Lissie's mother, her confidante, and her friend. If there is one person Lissie loves most in the world, it is her mother.


Elaine Gordon
Elaine is Lissie's cousin, the same age as she is, a haughty young girl who dislikes Lissie because she is poor and somewhat 'off'.


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