This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Adair Tishler
Name: Lizette Marie Rousseau
Aliases: Liz
Birthday: Sep 20
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Pure-Blood


This young girl has all the makings of a future beauty, with her delicate features and her fine dirty-blonde hair, which is always kept neatly brushed, plaited, and ribboned. Currently, however, these features are still padded with a thin layer of baby fat, which softens her looks into one more typical of healthy, fresh-faced children. Her eyes are a clear grey-blue with a normally cool expression, but during crucial moments, they can either flash with surprising intensity or turn into the ocular equivalent of soul-melting puddles. She is rather tall for her age, but proportionately so, with cleanly cut, gracefully elongated limbs. Her teeth are still coming in and are a source of great embarrassment to her, so Lizette tends to keep her lips sealed to hide the spaces between her teeth. But when she grins- it lights up all her features with unexpected sweetness, gaps notwithstanding.


Lizette Rousseau was born to Claude and Juliette Rousseau, making her the descendant of a long line of pure-bloods originating from Aix-Les-Bains, France. However, Lizette does not identify as purely French: she was born in England, a result of a decision made several years prior by her parents to bring their winemaking skills to other, less-cultured countries. By the time Lizette arrived in the family, her older sister Francine was nearly adult, and her older brother Augustin was already six years old, making her the unchallenged baby of the family.

As such, she was treated like a little princess by both her parents. Her father indulged her with everything that she wanted, almost as an apology for no longer having the energy or the time (due to age and other commitments) to scramble after her in impromptu games of tag. A pony for her to ride? A magnificent dollhouse with eight stories? A set of pens with solid unicorn-horn ivory casings (sustainably harvested)? Done, done, and done! Her mother, on the other hand, poured her heart and soul into grooming little Lizette into a young lady, no doubt wanting to partly relive her own youth through her daughter. Both parents stressed well-rounded physical, artistic, social, and academic pursuits: a number of private tutors were brought in to accomplish these goals.

Still, no amount of private tutoring could have replaced the influence of her family members upon her interests. Lizette looked up to both her confident, stately mother and her accomplished, opinionated older sister. Because Francine had, by that time, had gotten heavily involved in wizarding fashion, Lizette was surrounded with the accoutrements of her career from an early age. Her mother, an always-current and slightly vain woman, encouraged Lizette's interest in fashionable clothing, and by extension, art in general.

Her eye for aesthetics also manifested in different ways, including her interest in maps (preferably old, ornate, and valuable) and her love of elegant poetry and literature. Upon her sixth birthday, her grandfather, who apparently had few notions of the wants or needs of little children, sent Lizette a set of maps which subsequently started her collection. Initially, she treasured them more for their fine workmanship and for the idea that map-collecting was a grown-up, refined thing to do, but eventually she began to appreciate them for what they were: navigational tools. In that regard, they became a source of great inspiration for her other passion, writing. Suddenly she could see far beyond her comfortable life in the Rousseau Winery: she could imagine the elephants in Africa, the cowboys in Texas, the little boats in Venice. Her writing developed as a way of writing down her daydreams in these far-off places, and gradually these notes turned into entire stories, which Lizette never tired of sharing with whoever was willing to listen.

However, her life was turned completely upside down by the death of her mother in a terrorist attack. Seemingly overnight, her family had shattered without the binding presence of her mother. Her father spiraled into a crippling depression that left him mostly unable to take care of any of the family affairs. It was shocking for Lizette to realize the extent of his degradation- when the piles and piles of empty wine bottles started appearing in his study, Lizette realized that he (or more accurately, they) needed help- nothing that she could do could help her father get back on his feet: not her stories, not her smile, not even the fact that he had a little girl that needed him, which hurt her most of all. Augustin, sensing the disrepair at home, did not hesitate to leave Hogwarts to care for them both. To her relief, things gradually have become better: her father is starting to get well, and she feels she can worry a little less.

As a result, Lizette has become much closer to her brother, tagging along after him on all his endeavors. He is one of the few people she will listen wholeheartedly to and would do anything for. More than anything, Lizette is grateful- she knows what what a sacrifice it was for her brother to leave Hogwarts to take care of her, and she is a girl who repays loyalty with loyalty. However, Lizette does tend towards clinginess when she is with Augustin, and in a way, it's understandable: he is the only close family she has left. For this reason, the day the Hogwarts invitation flew through the mail slot was not the exciting, joyous event she had long envisioned. Instead, Lizette feels bad about leaving Augustin alone at home with her papa- it seems selfish, and wrong somehow, to go off and enjoy herself somewhere else while they are hurting so badly, and in a place that seems to be growing scarier day by day.

Still, there is at least one thing that she looks forward to seeing when she arrives at Hogwarts, as Augustin has gently reminded her: unicorns.

RP Hooks

  • Lizette likes to think she knows best. Challenge her! She thrives on competition.
  • Art is something Lizette takes very seriously, and if you offend her sense of aesthetics…
  • Writing is something that she seeks to continually improve in.
  • Lizette appreciates gossip, late-night slumber parties, and magical manicures.
  • Know where to find the proverbial Hogwartsian unicorn? Send word to a certain little girl.


  • Dedicated
  • Idealist
  • Capricious
  • Ambitious
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


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The older brother. Lizette adores him deeply, and although she clings to him as a source of security in these troubling times, she can't help worrying about how he is doing now that he has to take over the family business.


Lizette liked this girl a lot the few times they met. Even better, when Augustin and Eibhlin were involved, her brother seemed… truly happy, something that Lizette desperately wants to see again. Although she doesn't like to think of herself as a meddler, she wonders if things would be better if she could somehow…bring them back together?

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