Location Details
Coordinates: A,1 - 3 (SE)
Owner: Cassius Malfoy
Type: Residence
Wealth: Opulent ($$$$$)


This villa estate is nestled behind a natural barrier of trees, forming a thinly forested ring around the entire property. A gated driveway winds through a sprawling garden, teeming with sterling roses and topiary trees in various serpentine and draconic shapes. The driveway ends in a large circle, at the center of which is a smaller garden, complete with a stone fountain carved in the shape of a hydra, spouting several fonts — one from each of the seven heads.

The three-story manor itself is constructed of brick and stone, resembling a castle. The interior of the house is dark black marble with forest green accents. Silvery-white draperies are used liberally to reflect light and contrast the marble. Entrants through the front doors come in through a reception hall (complete with crystal chandelier), from which rises a grand staircase leading to the other floors. Also on this level is a formal dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, training room, solar, library, and indoor pool. A stairwell from the kitchen leads down to a fully stocked wine cellar. The second story contains the master suite, a secondary bedroom, game room, music room, and a study. Four more bedrooms occupy the third floor.

Two other buildings rest on the property, flanking the manor house — a staff house and a guest house. Both are in the same style as the main house's exterior, though not as extravagant on the inside.

Around the back of the main house is a second garden, in the form of a hedge maze (enchanted so that only those of strong Malfoy blood can easily navigate it), at the center of which is a domed structure with mirrored glass walls.




  • Cassius Malfoy purchased this manor in 1934.
  • Though the only permanent residents (aside from staff) are Cassius and Edwarlinda, and occasionally Rhyeline, Berylwood frequently has house guests, staying in either the main house or the guest house.


  • The entire grounds and each of the buildings are guarded with alarm spells and Anti-Apparition Jinxes, keyed to permit only a few to bypass them (including himself, Edwarlinda Malfoy, and Rhyeline Diderot).
  • A dozen crups are kept as pets, and additional security in the event that a Muggle trespasses on the grounds.
  • The hedge maze permits only those with Malfoy blood (within one generation of someone with the Malfoy name) to traverse it without great difficulty. Even attempts to pass over the top of the maze will strike the violator with powerful Confundus Charms, baffling their sense of direction.
  • The mirrored dome at the center of the hedge maze has no obvious entrances or exits.
  • There are, of course, other security measures that are not as obvious. This is the house of a Slytherin alumnus, after all.

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