Northwick Terrace
Location Details
Address: Northwick Terrace, West End, London
Coordinates: A,1 - 4 (W)
Owner: St. John's Wood Property Management
Type: Mass Residence
Wealth: Opulent ($$$$$)



The Northwick Terrace, a large building in white and black Tudor gingerbread. The angles and arches of the 'timber and daub' only tend to make this whole building more imposing. The angled pieces go up the gables and form farther up and around the windows that peek out from each of the apartments that lie within. To either side of the main entrance are porches, one for each of the apartments with a wrought iron railing around each for security. The main door is painted in red and adorned with brass fittings in the same designs as the gingerbread all about the whole building in a stark contrast that makes the door pop to the eye. A doorman stands at the ready just outside in a small covered area for bad weather.


The double front doors open into the lobby the color that catches the eye easily can take the breath away. A deep red adorns the walls of the lobby and a marble floor is laid out and leads towards a mahogany desk with clerks behind it. Behind them is an array of boxes in the wall that hold mail, messages, or keys for the people who live in these apartments. A large chandelier hands over the middle of the lobby and sparkles in the light that comes from it. The lobby is always immaculate and the staff is always friendly. Two staircases lead off around the front desk and meet behind it in the wall. High above the lobby are arches that give a little glimpse of the hallways to the apartments above. During the day, windows that are high up in the upper walls of the lobby shine sunlight in on the chandelier and makes the lobby truly stunning with little prism rainbows dotting the walls all about.



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