Macnair Mansion

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Location Details
Address: A17 St. John's Wood, London
Coordinates: A,1 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Zephyr Macnair
Type: Residence
Wealth: Opulent ($$$$$)


The Macnair mansion is grand, spanning over several floors and boasting nearly fifteen bedrooms. Walking in the front door to the manor gives just a taste to what is in the rest of the house. The drawing room boasts high ceilings and recessed lighting, with white paneled walls and minimal furniture gathered around the fireplace. Across the hall is the formal dining room with a long wooden table that is covered with a stark white linen table cloth. Toward the back of this floor is the study, where the men usually convene after a dinner party.
The floor below houses an expansive open kitchen, with an informal dining room for smaller gatherings. There are large skylights in the room to let in natural lighting during the day, and hold more recessed lighting for when the sun sets. Off to the left is a more informal sitting room that is furnished with cushy and overstuffed couches and a warm and welcoming fireplace. To the right is Clover's personal work area, for when she needs to refill her stock of potions. This floor also holds the Maids bedrooms, and Zephyrs personal study.
The basement has the rare feature of an indoor pool. It is long a rectangular pool filled with clean and pristine water. More recessed lighting in the room, gives it a faint green hue, and the way the light dances on the ceiling, it gives the feeling of being underwater. On the opposite end of the floor is a grand ballroom, with polished wood flooring and a small raised area reserved a band.




Zephyr and Clover Macnair moved into the Mansion in St. John's Wood in the Summer of 1937 as it was an anniversary present from Zephyr to his wife of three years.
The security is top notch and requires a modifier of -4 for any sort of breaking and entering and the like +rolls.


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