Residence for Sale
Location Details
Address: A18 Abbey Road
Coordinates: A,1 - 8 (N)
Owner: Owner
Type: Residence
Wealth: Opulent ($$$$$)


An empty mansion and estate grounds. The St. John's Wood neighborhood is only for the extremely wealthy and the residence reflects that. This estate is comprised of several rooms across multiple wings. A foyer just inside of the front door is the hub of the multitude of rooms and attach the wings to one another.
The ground floor is reserved for the more 'public' areas. Dining Hall, Ball Room, a few sitting rooms that can be used for a variety of things. Off of the dining room is a kitchen of five star restaurant proportions. The estate even has servant's quarters either located in the main house, or quite possibly an entire small home on the property to themselves.
A grand stairwell in the foyer goes up to the second level where most of the private chambers can be found, with other stairways here and there around the building. More often than not the floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished in all shades from pale pine to dark ebony. In rooms like the foyer, marble floors might be found, and hallways might be decorated in high-quality carpeting. Doorways, arches, and banisters likely show incredible wood-carving. A sign in a front window says: 'For Sale'.




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