Westbourne Terrace
Location Details
Address: 21A Westbourne Terrace
Coordinates: A,2 - 1 (SW)
Owner: Paddington Property Management
Type: Mass Residence
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)



Westbourne Terrace is a grand row of terraced housing for those of ample means. Several domiciles march down the street, outwardly looking uniform and stately. The outer walls remain a rather pristine white, regal and well kept even among the other well-maintained residences in the area. Each black laquered entry door is flanked by white marble columns that support a small balcony overlooking the roadway. Ample windows insure natural light within and line up uniformly to four stories high. Numbers are clearly noted by each door, easily identifying each individual residence.

The Terrace Home Interior

Each Westbourne Terrace home is three floors of rich luxury. Past the black lacquered front door with narrow panes of glass protected with wrought iron is the entry hall. Every home is set up identically with the entryway on the northeast side of the long northwest to southeast diagonally angled building. Golden pine hardwood floors stretch throughout the home. The weight bearing interior walls are large bricks that are white washed thickly. Other walls are smooth and also whitewashed, these are all prepared for wallpaper if desired. The huge kitchen with all the latest modern appliances is located on the ground floor along with a small bathroom and large laundry room. On the lower first floor there is two bedrooms, storage and linen closets and a good sized bathroom with tub. On the primary first floor there is a very large reception area and dining room. Also on the first floor is the master bedroom with attached bathroom. The master bedroom also has a terrace attached and the reception room has a balcony attached to it.



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