Victoria Pub
Location Details
Address: 10A Strathearn Place
Coordinates: A,2 - 3 (SE)
Owner: NPC
Type: Business - Pub
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)



Neatly whitewashed and situated at the end of a row of buildings, the round facade of the Victoria public house is easily recognizable. This is due in no small part to the gold lettering situated above the door which spells out the name. There are planters of greenery situated below windows and on the ground, creating an inviting oasis for patrons to socialize after a long day or to catch the latest scores.


Constructed in the very best tradition of proper British public houses, the Victoria is something of an institution. Everything here has been done on a grand and decidedly Victorian scale. The dark wood of the U shaped bar follows the unconventional build of the pub itself, ringed with stools and row after row of draught handles. Round lamps have been converted from gas to electric and are still ornamented with ornate brass finials. The ceiling is a cream pressed tin, the tiles perfectly maintained and furthering the intricate interlocking patterns seen on the mirrors, above the fireplace's mantle, and on the fabrics used to upholster the chairs and banquettes. Menus are available upon request and there is a tree of Walker's crisps behind the bar. The smell of tobacco lingers in the air, mixing with the sharpness of whiskey and the warmth of hops.



Soup of the day - £0.09
Rosary goat cheese, roast conference pear & chicory salad, balsamic vinegar caramel - £0.13
Sauteed wild mushrooms on toast, Roquefort, cream, rocket (v) - £0.13
Spicy rare breed pork and pumpkin pate, crusty bread - £0.12
Soused mackerel, cucumber salad, horseradish crème fraiche - £0.13
Hampshire black pudding, crispy pig cheek, pea puree, apple sauce - £0.14


London Pride battered cod, chips, petit pois, tartare sauce - £0.09
Gressingham duck breast, celeriac & parsnip mash, apple jus - £0.26
Pie of the day with mash, savoy cabbage, Chantenay carrots - £0.23
Mushroom & ricotta ravioli with fresh tomato, cream & chili breadcrumbs (v) - £0.19
Beef burger, Cheddar, smoked bacon, gherkin sweet onions, tomato relish, chips - £0.20
Confit of pork belly, Hampshire black pudding stuffing, mash, red cabbage, cider jus - £0.24
Smoked haddock risotto, grain mustard, poached egg & chervil - £0.21
Cauliflower and cheese gnocchi, toasted almonds, raises, parsley & truffle oil - £0.19
10 oz Welsh rib-eye steak, chips, watercress, shallot & red wine sauce - £0.33


Goat's cheese cake, figs & honey - £0.10
Spiced apple crumble slice, salted caramel ice cream - £0.10
Vintage ale sticky toffee pudding, vanilla ice cream - £0.10
Cheese board - £0.13

Crispy cod cheeks, fennel & kohlrabi slaw - £0.14
Bratwurst hot dog, beer braised onions, mustard - £0.14
Rare roast beef, tomato, watercress & horseradish cream - £0.14
Keen's Cheddar, apple & cider chutney, salad (v) - £0.12
Add chips - £0.02

Snacks - Sides
Honey & mustard mini sausages - £0.08
Garlic bread with cheese - £0.06
Home-made scotch egg - £0.06
Posh nuts - £0.05
Whitebait - £0.08
Olives - £0.06
Chips - £0.06
Mixed Salad - £0.07

Canapé Menu

Everything £.04 minimum of 20 items.


Asparagus & Parma ham bruschetta
Prosciutto, pear & rocket rolls
Smoked salmon & crème fraiche blinis
Rib steak & horseradish blinis
Bourbon glazed pork belly squares
Devils on horseback
Mini jacket potatoes with cheese
Porcini & spinach vol aux vents
King prawn cocktail crostini
Smoked haddock & gruyere vol aux vents


((The Victoria is owned by a handwavey vaguey NPC. But if you wish to work here please feel free to put yourself in the castbox below.))

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