Summerbee House
Location Details
Address: 24A Hallfield Rd.
Coordinates: A,2 - 4 (W)
Owner: The Summerbee Family
Type: Residence
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)


The Summerbee house is, more than anything else, unusual. A stand alone house on Paddington, from the front the house is everything that is fashionable. The house is painted a bright, gleaming white, with a bright blue door and a black gate that has been polished to a bright shine. However, inside the feel is quite different.

The interior of the house is an eclectic mix of old, new, and bibliophile-friendly. The wood floors and art nouveau style railings on the staircases remain the same, as do the molding on the ceilings. However, the walls have been repainted in shades of blues and greens, some with murals of vines, flowers and trees. The floors in both the foyer and the hallways are covered in eclectic rugs in shades of blue, green and gold. A large pendant light with the glass shaped to resemble flower petals hangs in the foyer, matching the many smaller versions in the other rooms of the house.


The one notable thing about the Summerbee house, even in the foyer and front sitting room, is the books. The books are everywhere. Volumes both old and new and covering nearly every genre available in the wizarding world can bee seen on shelves and stacked in the corners and piled so high that in some places they look anything but stable. There are even multiple copies of some books, and if one looks carefully one might even find a muggle title or two squeezed in among the others. Besides the pathways that have been cleared and a few spots made for comfortable reading, there are only a few rooms free of the clutter. On the first floor, this is the kitchen, though only the spaces where cooking would make having paper about dangerous are the books kept at a distance. On the second floor the library is free of clutter, having been arranged as a room for comfortable reading and study. On the upper floors, the bedrooms are all kept relatively in order. The guest rooms, of which there are many, are almost entirely free of all books. Almost.


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