Number 1 - Ladbroke Terrace

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Location Details
Address: IC Address
Coordinates: A,3 - 1 - 1
Owner: Owner
Type: Residence
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


The Notting Hill neighborhood is a rather upper working class area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner of this spacious residence. Upon walking through the front door, the first room one would walk into would be the mud room. Hooks lined one of the painted walls, allowing a place to hang up an overcoat or umbrella on a bad day, while on the floor was a large scarlet rug, which was placed to catch any mud or dirt as people entered. Upon exiting the mud room, one would find themselves in a short hallway leading straight forward toward the stairs to the upper levels, or directly into the utility room. The utility room was quite small, with only enough room for a small closet and a Muggle style washer and dryer, which Broderick had kept upon moving in. A door leading to the left could be seen in the hallways, which led to a large dining room. The dining room was well lit, with a rich wood floor, and immaculate white painted walls. In the center of the dining room sat a spectacular polished oak table, with eight matching oak chairs stationed around it. Connected to the dining room was the kitchen, which was had matching wooden floors and white walls. Around the kitchen was the standard cooking appliances, refrigerator and random cooking utensils.

If one were to head up the stairway in the hallway, they would find themselves on the second floor. The second floor, it seemed, was there for the purpose of entertaining. Two large rooms sat in front of, and beside the stairwell. The room directly forward was a bit larger and held two large couches which could easily fit three to four individuals, with side tables beside each, and a coffee table in the middle. Adorning the walls were many magically moving photos, showing off Broderick's family, friends and special occasions. To the right of the stairs was a smaller gathering room, which looked much more like a library with three plush armchairs sat facing each other in the center. About the walls in this room were large bookshelves, full to the brim with books regarding the Defense of Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions and Charms. The final room on the floor was behind the stairs, and was a full sized bath, offering all amenities required.

If they were to continue up the stairwell, one would find themselves on the third floor, which housed a guest bedroom. The bedroom housed enough to be accommodating, as a large king sized bed sat against the far wall, end tables sitting on either side. Across from the bed was a small dresser, with a large vanity mirror set atop. Connected to the bedroom was another full sized bath, offering Broderick's guests a comfortable and convenient stay.

Continuing up the final set of stairs, one would be led to Broderick's bedroom. The largest of all rooms, this room housed an oversized king bed, looking quite spacious and very comfortable. Along one wall was a very large armoire, housing his many clothes and knick-knacks. The walls were again covered in many photos of family and friends, many smiling and waving to guests. Instead of a bathroom, this floor offered Broderick a view of London, as a roof terrace was connected to the bedroom.

All in all, this seemed to be a very welcoming residence. At least to those Broderick called friend.


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