Pembridge Palace Hotel
Location Details
Address: 55 Prince’s Square, Notting Hill, London
Coordinates: A,3 - 4(W)
Owner: NPC
Type: 3 Star Hotel
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


The Pembridge Hotel is obviously old but it retails an understated, minimalistic elegance. The front desk is a magnificent affair of mahogany and ebony all of it polished to a high gloss and backed by an exquisite impressionistic painting of Portobello Road. The lobby is somewhat small but the floor is covered by two matching Persian rugs, letting little of the immaculate parquet floor visible. French renaissance furniture completes the decorations and everything is lit by a the glow of a crystal chandelier that throws glints of light like tiny ephemeral diamonds all over the lobby every time a breeze from the front door sets its crystals swaying. Towards the back of the lobby are two cage lifts otherwise known as elevators, each with its own operator, and the door to the hotel's 4 star restaurant, The Glasshouse.

Room Description

The hotel room is very nice. While not extravagant everything one would and could need away from home is at their disposal. A single twin bed room, a double twin bed room, a single queen, a double queen, or a king bed room are available at the Pembridge Palace Hotel. Every room has the luxury of an attached bathroom with a lovely claw tub and shower as well as commode and plush terry cloth towels, big enough to use as a small blanket. The same French renaissance furniture continues into each room. Every room has a small sitting area around a table that can be used for dining. A low waist high dresser with six drawers. Above the dresser is a lovely large French renaissance framed mirror. On top of the dresser is a vase of fresh flowers.


The Palace Hotel is owned by an NPC and is run by NPCs. If interested in working at the Palace Hotel, please put in a +request and you will be added to this page!

  • Ernest - Day-Shift Manager
  • Hamilton - Night-Shift Manager
  • Lidia - Maid Service
  • Megan - Maid Service
  • Doug - Bell-Hop & Room Service
  • Barkley - Bell-Hop & Room Service



  • Webpage: Pembridge Hotel
  • Those of Well-To-Do and above have the wealth to stay here for a few nights. For those below Well-To-Do, a cookie expenditure for the 'Windfall' special will allow them a special treat of staying at the Pembridge.

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