Bannon Bates' Flat

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Location Details
Address: IC Address
Coordinates: A,3 - 9 - 3
Owner: Owner
Type: Residence
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


The stairwell of the apartment building leades to a small landing outfitted with the front door that's painted a bold red with black trim. Within the apartment there is a small mudroom with a closet and a small guest bathroom. Another stairway leads up to the apartment itself and at the top of this stairway the gallery is hung with many paintings and a few pictures. One picture that gets quite a prominent display is one of Camilla, Bannon and Josie all smiling and waving to those who've come up. On the west side of the apartment is a rather large reception area that is separated into three different types of areas, in the center is a more games and family center for talking and playing together. The southern portion is a couple of high backed chairs about the fireplace with a small wet bar against one wall. It is a place for a gentleman to enjoy a snifter and cigar or enjoy some quiet time reading a book or newspaper by the fire. The northern side of the reception room is taken up by a table seated for four.

The Kitchen is on the other side of the wall from the northern dining room portion of the reception room and there's a service window that's been cut out of the wall. The kitchen is outfitted in wall to wall counters and cupboards with a gas stove and deep sink. There is even a dishwasher in place close to the sink and a brand new refiderator and Freezer next to one another.

The apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bedroom has a sizable queen matress in it with dark green sheets. A large bathroom and walk in closet is attached to the master bedroom. The second bathroom is attached to the main foyer and is next to the second bedroom, for easy access there. The secondary bedroom has been decorated for a girl in purples, but there is no shortage of things considered usual for a boys room either. A twin sized bed is within the second bedroom and is outfitted with cozy purple sheets.


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