Kensington Garden
Location Details
Address: London, West End
Coordinates: A,4
Owner: The Royal Family
Type: Park & Recreation


Once the private gardens of Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens are 270 acres of lush green in the middle of London at the west end of Hyde Park. The park is full of green fields and enchanting groves, of formal hedges and flower beds. There are walking paths and fountains, statues erected in memorial of Queens and Princes and explorers and scientists. It is a delightful place for families to picnic, or for lovers to take a stroll. Children can often be seen searching for the fairies described in "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" or else to seek out the Elfin Oak, which is a 900-year-old tree stump elaborately carved with images of elves, gnomes, and small animals. It is a place particularly loved of the people, and seldom is the park empty when open between dawn and dusk.


There are sections of this large park that are off limits to Muggles. The fairies mentioned in the room description are indeed local pixies and bowtruckles that live in a meadow and grove here and there in the ancient garden. The R.C.M.C maintains the wards and upkeep of these locations. Several make wonderful picnic areas for Wizards whom wish to remain separate from the Muggle World.


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