Redcliffe Square Gardens
Location Details
Address: Redcliffe Square, Earl's Court, London
Coordinates: A,5 - 3 (SE)
Owner: Earl Court Property Management
Type: Mass Residence
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)

Exterior Description

The buildings are all in grey and tan brick set with white washed trim and windows. Set with cast iron gates and covered doorways Simple and graceful buildings that house several apartments each are set in a rectangle with a courtyard of trees and manicured gardens for the occupants. Benches line the walkways and the inner windows of each building afford the occupants glorious views - the lower levels with direct access to the gardens and the uppers sometimes with balconies.

It is a quiet locale, a respectable place of small flats.

Interior Description

The flooring is done in a diamond tile of pale cream run with a warmer border of caramel brown. The walls inside are a pale yellow to give the interior a warmth and the furniture is a rich blue in the lobby. High backed velour covered chairs and foot rests with a table between them. A small fireplace takes up the side of the room to keep the interior arm. A set of stairs is center upon the entrance, a carved oak banister leading upwards to the upper flats.

Pictures from the Audubon Society in their sepia tones are framed along the walls in matching twos or threes. Lacy curtains soften the light through the front windows.

Empty Apartment Description

The small flat has worn wooden floors, re-waxed and taken care of over the recent years. The door to the flats are positioned towards the front and open into a living area that is connected to the front windows. A set of standard curtains have been left and opposite the door is the fireplace that is connected with the other floors above or below. The back of the flat holds a small kitchen with one window and to its side is the bedroom afforded with a balcony or porch exit into the gardens. The walls are white washed as is the molding that encompasses the top and bottom of the walls.



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