Philbeach Gardens
Location Details
Address: Philbeach Gardens, Earl's Court, London
Coordinates: A,5 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Earl Court Property Management
Type: Mass Residence
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)


Located in prestigious Earl's Court, the Philbeach Gardens Apartments appear to be made from genuine stone blocks. Great columns rise up, buttressing the full-size windows which look out over the elegant Court. The building rises four stories, in a tiered pattern, much like a wedding cake. A low, wrought-iron fence surrounds the estate. It hardly seems intended as a deterrent, but certainly serves to add a final touch of taste to the building. But the true luxury of Philbeach Gardens is not its veneer; the building's rear looks out over a gorgeous, well-groomed, park. One of the better-kept secrets of London, this patch of green amidst the asphalt contains wide swathes of grass, tastefully-placed shrubberies and benches, and even several full-grown trees. Residents who are lucky enough to rent a rear-facing apartment are awarded a view of this delightful space.

Empty Apartment Description

These luxury-style apartments have been professionally cleaned following the departure of their last tenant. A small mudroom with tile floors sits empty, another door leading into the main living space. The floors here are polished heart-pine, and stretch over a vast living room, leading into the kitchen. Marble countertops and a state-of-the-art gas cooking range are met with a pastel blue refrigerator. There is a large master bedroom branching off to one side, and a guest room next to it. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto a beautiful garden area just behind the apartments. The walls have been painted a creamy off-white, and there is plenty of room for bookshelves or paintings to be mounted.



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