Farmer's Market
Location Details
Address: A61 South Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: A,6 - 1 (SW)
Owner: Varied
Type: Commercial - Grocery Market
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$$$)


The street is lined with colorful pavilions with striped canopies or bright hues that draw the eye. Flowers are the most attractive items on display but the smell of cooking food and pastries filters through the entirety. Stalls of fresh vegetables and goods brought in from the countryside for those that live in the city. A few stalls have jams and confectioneries made by older women with greying hair and ready smiles.

The shops that run the length of the street have their doors thrown open and just as much foot traffic along the outside vendors are visiting the inside, some of the shops putting out street side displays to bring customers in. Tea is being served right from a cart and further done the scent of coffee stronger the the first drink can be made out. A few cafe's have outdoor seating that allow for the patrons to enjoy the plethora of humanity.

The din of voices is loud, one vendor attempting to draw more attention to themselves than their competitors. Children run through the streets, carrying little treats or toys picked up from a whittler a few stalls down.



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