Melton Court
Location Details
Address: Onslow Crescent, South Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: A,6 - 2 (S)
Owner: South Kensington Property Management
Type: Mass Residence - Luxury Apartments
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)



The building is progressive for its time with layers making up the eight floors. The apartments are small in this building with only a few that are larger towards the center of the buildings with their bay windows. The tan bricks are set off by the white trimmings of the window and unlike other older buildings it has no molding. A large center courtyard holds urns full of flowers and benches for those of the apartment building. The walk leading up is large with windows flanking either side of the double door entrance and its columns that are lit by electric lanterns. Afforded with trees and large flowering bushes it helps to distract from its massive appearance.


The large open lobby leads to a set of stairs straight ahead that goes to the upper floors. A few sets of couches and chairs are grouped in the room one set by the fireplace that takes up a side of the room. The other is the entrance to the manager's office with double open doors and small potted trees set to either side. The glossy floors are done in a linoleum, faint white set off by the rich burgundy furnishings.


The flat is appointed with rich wooden floors throughout save for the kitchen which mimics the linoleum in the lobby. The walls are plain white with no molding save for simple clean cut baseboards. A white bricked fireplace takes up the main room that is both the dining and living room area. Two small bedrooms are set to the back of the apartment with the bathroom between them. The kitchen is an L off the side of the dining room. Windows run along the kitchen and dining area. There are plain white linen curtains already afforded for each window.


The room is modern in the sense of its simple surroundings and plain desk. But it is decorated mostly by plants that are set on shelves near the window. A row of seats take up a wall to match the one opposite the desk that a younger woman has taken up. She wears her honey brown hair back up in a twist and chooses a classy skirt suit to go with a similar hat that is set off to the side.



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