Cornwall Terrace
Location Details
Address: B11 Cornwall Terrace Mews, Regent's Park, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: B,1 - 1 (SW)
Owner: Marylebone Properties
Type: Mass Residence - Terrace Housing
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)


Cornwall Terrace is the epitome of the grand greco-roman revival of Decimus Burton's architecture that sprung up during the 1800s around the posh Regent Park. One massive building painted and maintained in pristine white with Corinthian columns and a single large triangular pediment is set atop six columns. Wrought iron fencing is a London twist against the Greco-Roman background and it's also used on the first level around some small balconies. The nineteen houses within are all six bedroom affairs and is about the finest living one can get.



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