Palancher's Pad
Location Details
Address: B11 - 1 Sussex Place, Regent's Park, London
Coordinates: B,1 - 1 - 1
Owner: Linc Palancher
Type: Residence
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)


To the right of front entrance, which is beset on both sides with lamps crafted in the image of Quidditch hoops, is a massive stair and cupboard. The walls are paneled with a dark wood featuring darker, flourished designs. There is a hook on the cupboard door which usually holds multiple coats, shirts and occasionally pants - it is not unusual to see a clump of discarded clothes and shoes beneath it, too. The entryway is roughly ten meters long and is lit by a massive, burnished-brass chandelier, which features more Quidditch imagery. Beaters and chasers, each crafted from polished brass, chase one another through the chandelier's hoops and pitch, with candles serving as the stands.
Two doorways lead out from the entrance. The one to the left is a rather large living area, but it has been converted into a space for games and socializing. The floor is made of oak, as is the ceiling, while the walls are made from a darker substance. A massive, golden rug, inlaid with red designs, is spread upon the floor. A table and chairs, each with feet that are known to move of their own accord, usually sit in the center of the room. Bottles of beer rest atop the table, as well as several tankards. Several of the lamps have been fashioned in the image of rugby goals, and the lights are known to race around the posts.
The room to the right of the entryway is smaller, and, despite the presence of several windows, is usually host to long, lingering shadows. Its floor is made of black and ivory tiles. It is cluttered with dark-hued furniture, a globe, and several iron busts of griffins, dragons and hippogriffs. There is a painting on the wall of an older gentleman with a hooked nose and twisted, sneering lips; a snitch frequently flies around his head, zipping about.




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