Bickenhall Mansions
Location Details
Address: Bickenhall Street, Marylebone, London, England, United Kingdoms
Coordinates: B,2 - 9 (NE)
Owner: Marylebone Property Management
Type: Residential
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)



Bickenhall Mansions fills very nearly two city blocks on either side of Bickenhall Street between Baker Street and Gloucester Place. It is a set of imposing buildings built in Victorian red brick, with Gothic Revival details showing in the ornate pale stone decoration. The doors, each of which leads to a block of flats, are painted a vivid blue, as are the wrought iron fences and detail pieces, such as the railings of the Juliet balconies on some of the lower floors. Each of the doors is framed by an arch of ornate stonework. Vertical rows of bay large bay windows create false turrets, while rows of chimneys jut from the peaked roofs, carrying the smoke from the fireplaces in each of the luxury mansion flats within.


The painfully bright white wash of the entire lobby is added to by the white of the floor. The simple pastels of the furniture gives some relief from the rather clean and brilliant interior. A large hearth sits against the right wall and opposite it is a desk that a young woman sits at in a solid colored dress of indigo, making her stick out like a sore thumb among the current colourings.

The desk is neatly appointed with files against the side wall near the window and the sound of music issues from the Victrola on the sidebar where a dispenser of water and glasses reside.

The scent of clean lilies carry from the few vases decorated the room with the fresh cut flowers dispensed within. Many from hot houses when the weather gets too cold.

Base Realty Description

An empty building. The Marylebone neighborhood in Bickenhall Mansions is an upper class area and the interior of the building reflects that to every nook and corner. Carpeted floors and walls are freshly scrubbed and painted. Several packing boxes are stacked here and there. The stringent scent of cleaning products and fresh paint is strong and ever lingering. The building is comprised of several rooms. An entry hall or mud room just inside the front door is lined with racks and storage space for outside wear and poor weather accessories. During the War because of the constant nightly black-out curfews, heavy tapestry drapes are hung over the door and entry windows and again at the archway in and out of the entry hall. One long corridor leads from the entry through and through to the back of the home. Lined with doors that go into the Reception Room that is large enough to also accommodate a dining area. The kitchen is the neighboring room and a service window opens up the wall between the dining area and kitchen. A guest half bathroom is also attached to the main corridor across from the reception room's door and each of the three bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom as well. Within the kitchen there are several appliances such as gas stove, sink, and refrigerator. Ruddy-Gold waxed hardwood floors are in the main corridor, kitchen, reception and dining room. While the more private areas of the bedrooms and closets are all carpeted wall to wall and the washrooms are done in fine ceramic tiles.



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