Mulciber Home
Location Details
Address: 51 Chilworth St.
Coordinates: B,3 - 1
Owner: The Mulciber Family
Type: Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


The Victorian stucco terrace home at 51 Chilworth Street is a modest, unremarkable home from the outside, save for the eight-foot wrought-iron fence that surrounds it. The gate remains shut at all hours, fixed by a complex lock. Built into the fence is a postbox large enough for most parcels. What the postman doesn't know is that the other side of the postbox is inside the house, where Muggle parcels are received.

Inside, the home much more expansive that it appears. The first thing an unwelcome guest will learn is just how many overly complicated mechanical security measures exist: trapdoors, descending cages, empty rooms with vanishing doors, etc. As this is merely a city residence for the Mulcibers, who live in the country, the house is designed to protect itself in their absence.

The look of the house is modest, but tasteful. Colors are primarily muted shades of blue and grey. There is little in the way of the fanciful. While the decor is attractive, it is nearly always functional; from the bannister knob that triggers the moving stairs, to the dragon-head sculptures used to fire up the oven.

The one exception is the parlour, which is decorated in much lighter tones and impractical, but beautiful, art and furniture. In this room is a bay window that looks out upon a rocky beach in the mid-afternoon, regardless of the time of day.

Upstairs are three bedrooms, one master and two secondary, and behind the home is a small yard with a well-maintained flower garden.


The Mulcibers are a family of artificers, and are constantly revising and refining their inventions. Those inventions include many unique security measures for the home. There have been intruders in the past who have quickly discovered how easy it is to get inside…and how hard it is get back out again. If they are lucky, the Mulcibers will be home to release them to the authorities. Otherwise, they must typically wait for the family to be notified at their country estate by their Alarm Charms, and for someone to come to London to get them out.

On one sad occasion, the Mulcibers returned from an extended vacation to find a would-be burglar near death. After that, their Alarm Charms were adjusted to also alert the Department of Magical Law Enforcement about break-ins.


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Vulcanio Mulciber

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Aphrodilia Mulciber

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Hephaesta Aphrodilia Mulciber

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Archimedes Vulcanio Mulciber

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