Craven Hill Gardens
Location Details
Address: B33 Craven Hill Gardens, Bayswater, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: B,3 - 3
Owner: Bayswater Properties
Type: Mass Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)



Plain faced five story buildings attached to each other sport lower flats with access by their own stairway down behind the cast iron fencing. Each doorway to the buildings is covered by a square canopy which the second floor up is allowed rows of squared bushes in smaller pots. The buildings are an off-white with sets of windows in triplicate facing towards the street.. The doors are tall, set within arches with a window over each giving a rather classic look to the building.

The back courtyards are small but enough for a sitting area and container garden each but there is a central courtyard for all the buildings that has a small square pond surrounded by a brick walk and benches then run around by manicured shrubbery.

Base Residence

An empty residence. The Bayswater neighborhood along the streets of Craven Hill Gardens is a rather high end comfortable working class area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner. Bare floors and walls are freshly scrubbed and painted. Several packing boxes are stacked here and there. The stringent scent of cleaning products and fresh paint is strong and ever lingering. This home is comprised of several rooms. A mud room just inside the front door is lined with racks and storage space for outside wear and poor weather accessories. Stairs occupy the hall the mudroom opens up into very close by the foyer. Every home comes with a living room area that's most usually adjoined to a dining room which is attached to a kitchen. Within the kitchen there are several appliances such as gas stove, sink, and refrigerator. Often there is storage space under any available stairway. More often than not the floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished in all shades from pale pine to dark oak in the fancier homes. Every home is slightly different in its lay out. But there are always of course the necessary rooms and at least one indoor bathroom.



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