Ennismore Gardens
Location Details
Address: B51 Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge, West End, London, England, United Kingdoms
Coordinates: B,5 - 1
Owner: Knightsbridge Property Management
Type: Mass Residence
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)



The slender four story buildings carry a greco-modern facade with angle topped windows and molding in a colonnade type throw back. Its exterior is stark compared to the others, in its well maintained stature. The building is long instead of wide and hugs the corner street and follows the small single car rode back towards the block behind it.

Cast iron fencing runs the length of the large front first level window and set with stairs leading to the lowest flat. A white cement stoop is flanked by small box pots with green globed shaped boxwood bushes. The office sits just next to the flats in a small offset single story with its own stoop and glass doors.

Terrace Home Interior

An empty terrace home, likely with a yard and a small property around it. Several packing boxes are stacked here and there. The stringent scent of cleaning products and fresh paint is strong and ever lingering. The neighborhood is a rather affluent and posh area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner. Bare floors and walls are freshly scrubbed and painted. More often than not the floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished in all shades from pale pine to dark ebony. This small home is comprised of several rooms. A foyer just inside of the front door, many models of home often come with an antechamber, or mud room of sorts that are lined with racks and storage space for outside wear and poor weather accessories. The home is is most likely multi-leveled and the stairs usually are very close by the foyer. Every home comes with a living room area, as well as a separate dining room which is usually near to a kitchen, which likely is attached to a pantry, storeroom, and larder. Within the kitchen there is several appliances such as a gas stove, sink, and refrigerator. Every home is slightly different in its lay out, but there are always of course the necessary rooms.



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