Military Barracks and Airfield

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Location Details
Address: B59 Knightsbridge Rd., Knightsbridge, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: B,5 - 9 (NE)
Owner: His Majesties Military
Type: Government - Military


Running west to east in a roughly triangular formation sandwiched between Hyde Park and Knightsbridge Road the Hyde Park Barracks are composed of four different palatial buildings. Designed in a mixed classical style the Barracks' buildings look like old Italian Renaissance buildings with strong French architectural influences.


A brainchild of former Prime Minister Chamberlain, he envisioned a base in the heart of London that housed a representation of each of the branches of His Majesties Armed Forces. The original occupants of this area are the nearly eight hundred members of the Royal Horse Guards along with their families and horses. The Calvary buildings start off with the stables, then the two story Officers, Quarters, the Riding School and finally, the three story Enlisted Quarters one on the north side and the other on the south side of the spacious parade grounds. Near by their old fashioned Calvary cousin's buildings in what was once an old firehouse has now been modified to house two Matilda II tanks and above them their teams are bunked.

One of the north most building that is closest to Hyde Park's 'Serpentine' lake and its attached canals is the a concrete bunker building that houses a barracks for the naval seamen and officers that patrol with their modified narrow ships throughout London's Canal Network and the Motor Gun Boats used on the River Thames.

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British Army

The 4th Battalion Fusiliers is lead by Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) George Weatherby. The 4th Battalion consists of no less than 300 of the crown's Infantry Armed Forces. These men are also separated out into companies of 100 men each. Each company is lead by a Captain or a Major. Further segmentation happens in dividing up the Companies into Platoons consisting of three Sections of eight men, plus a signaller (radio operator), a platoon Sergeant, the platoon commander (either a Second Lieutenant or Lieutenant) and a mortar man operating a light mortar (full strength of 27 men and one officer). When not in battle duty the army units patrol the streets and circulate when duty calls as a "Beefeater" Guard. They also man the anti-aircraft weapons (QF 3.7-inch AA gun) located throughout London.

Gavin Simon Weatherby

Royal Air Force


A Flight of the RAF is housed at this base. Roughly 20 to 100 personnel and 6 aircraft (Hurricane Mk I). Officer in command: Squadron leader (Sqn Ldr).

Alan Emmett Faulkner Neal

Royal Calvary


The base has a total of two Matilda II tanks. Each tank has a crew of four; the driver, gunner, loader, and commander. These crews, their mechanical teams and the Calvary Guard of roughly half the size it was previous to the remodel now stands at 400 member of the Calvary. They occupy the buildings furthest to the east in the base and ironically in this age of industry the petrol rationing has seen that the horseback guard has actually seen a revitalization in the city as message carriers. They of course also still carry out their roles in things such as Trooping the Colours and other Ceremonial events and parades.

Royal Marines

Royal Navy


The Narrow Boat Marie patrols the canals of London and the River Thames. They are responsible for making sure there are no foreign mines, boats and submerged crafts in London's waters. They also provide support to the other branches of the King's Armed forces with air raids.

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