The Gilded Gables
Location Details
Address: B61 King's Road, Brompton, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: B,6 - 1
Owner: Sybil Pyrites
Type: Residence
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)



Set in a rather upper working class artistic area, the residence reflects that to every nook and corner of this spacious three story home. Bright red bricks are used in the construction, with brilliant white painted wood and plaster ornamentation with glass pane windows. Steps lead up to the large wooden door that is set within an arched doorway and a small balcony over it, a lamp glows with purple and gold stained glass.


The residence known as the Gilded Gables in the Brompton neighborhood is a rather upper working class artistic area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner of this spacious residence. Within the entry is a mud room, hooks line one of the painted walls, allowing a place to hang up an overcoat or umbrella on a bad day, while on the floor a large deep purple rug is placed to catch any mud or dirt as guests and residents enter. Four storeys in height the home has the sort of posh and over the top decoration one would expect of the Pyrites Family. It is quite colorful with art, curios and decorations showcasing the owner's unique taste in fashion. The colors of purple and gold with butterflies and peacock feathers - representing the Pyrites Family Crest is prolific within the homes decor.

Ground Floor

Beyond the mud room is short hallway leading straight forward toward the stairs to the upper levels, or directly into the utility room. The utility room was quite small, with only enough room for a small closet and has washing buckets and scrub boards which are enchanted to do the washing. A door on the west wall of the hallway leads to a large dining room. The dining room was well lit, with a rich wood floor, and walls covered with light purple striped wallpaper. In the corners are tall vases, some with peacock feathers, others with birds of paradise flowers and other exotic flora. The walls have various pictures and paintings, some which seem to move except to muggle eyes. In the center of the dining room is a spectacular polished rectangular oak table, with eight matching oak chairs stationed around it, all with deep purple comfortable cushions. Connected to the dining room is the kitchen, which has matching wooden floors and brightly painted white walls. Around the kitchen are the standard cooking appliances, refrigerator and random cooking utensils.

First Floor

The second level of The Gilded Gables is the floor for entertaining. Two large rooms are by the stairwell, the front being the main sitting room with large bay windows and has a rich deep red color theme. The floor is dark herringbone wood polished to a beautiful shine, the walls are deep red with light red painted stripes. Two large couches that can easily fit three or four individuals with side tables besides each and beautiful lamps, a coffee table in the middle with a bowl of sweets. Adorning the walls are many moving photos, showing off the Pyrites family, friends, important events and special occasions. To the right of the stairs is a smaller gathering room which is more a library or study with three plush armchairs facing one another in the center. About the walls are large bookshelves, full to the brim with books regarding a myriad of subjects from Transfiguration, Potions, Charms and even Dark Arts and Muggle subjects. The library has a sliding door to shut the two rooms and provide privacy. The final room on the second floor behind the stairs is a full sized bath offering all amenities one may require.

Second Floor

The main stairwell also provides access to the second floor which houses a guest bedroom. The light green painted bedroom is furnished like the rest of the eclectic house with curios and knicknacks. Large, it has a four poster king sized bed on the far wall, end tables sitting on either side. Across the bedroom is a small dresser with a large vanity mirror set atop. Connected to the bedroom is a full sized bath, offering the guests a comfortable and convenient stay. A fresh bouquet of flowers always seem to be here, bringing a light and pleasing fragrance to the room.

Third Floor

Continuing up the final set of stairs one reaches the fourth floor and Sybil's bedroom, the largest of all rooms. This houses an over-sized king bed that is quite spacious and very comfortable. Along one wall is a very large armoire housing all her clothes and jewelry. The walls are covered with many photos of family and friends, many smiling and waving to guests. Rather than a bathroom, this bedroom has a private terrace which offers a beautiful view of London. On the balcony is a telescope and two patio chairs with a small table. A vase with flowers adorn the table.




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