Michais' Brownstone
Location Details
Address: #1 York Terrace, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: C,2 - 7 - 1
Owner: Michais
Type: Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


The entry way into this one level flat is quite clear. The mudroom has three cloaks, two umbrellas, and three pairs of boots or shoes. Just enough for each season. The foyer is clean, and empty but for standing clock and a small, marble topped table that holds mail and small sundries.

Once one enters the actual flat, however… it becomes a different story. The living area is mostly lined with shelves. Shelves that overflow with books, scrolls and curios from other countries (mostly Asian). Over the fire place, instead of the usual portrait of pastoral landscape, a small collection of authentic Noh masks have been hung. The furniture is comfortable, a solid, sturdy mix of styles. and clever lighting over the bookshelves along with some light paint keep the place from being too dark. Other, smaller lamps are placed throughout to provide specific lighting when wished for. Somewhere, on one of the shelves, a wizard wireless is usually playing quietly.

It's in the dining room that Michais's upbringing is more clearly evident. The dining table is low, surrounded by cushions in the traditional Japanese dining style. A paper lantern hangs over the table for illumination, and at the far end of the room a magnificent wedding kimono painted with a verdant landscape on black background is proudly displayed.

The bedroom door is barely ajar at most times, and what little can be seen is the usual bed and such. However, if one were to go inside… even someone who knows nothing about art or antiques would find their jaw dropping at the amazing shibayama style armoire that takes up most of the wall space between the door and the washroom door. The myriad drawers and doors inlaid with mother of pearl are, like the owner, carefully kept and neat.



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Michais Fawley

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