Embassy Cinema
Location Details
Address: Mayfair, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: C,3 - 9 (NE)
Type: Entertainment - Movie Cinema
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


The Embassy Cinema is one of the oldest as well as poshest cinemas in London. Throughout the years two smaller, traditional auditoriums have been added to the real gem of the Embassy, its main theatre. The main auditorium clearly shows its beginnings as a traditional theatre. The 500 seats, overstuffed and upholstered in red leather, provide much more space than the seats in modern movie houses and are arranged in a fan around the front three thirds of the thrust stage. Immediately behind the highly decorative proscenium arch, which depicts bas-relief scenes out of Greek mythology, red velvet curtains close in front of the movie screen. The screen itself can be pulled up into the fly space to allow the forty foot stage to be used for its original purposes making this space as good a venue for theatre plays and ballet concerts as it is for movie presentations. Adding to the aura of old-time luxury the auditorium is illuminated by old gas-light sconces lined along walls covered in dark golden crushed velvet wallpaper. The sconces have been retrofitted to use modern light bulbs that imitate flames and are also used to illuminate the two small balconies above stage right and stage left.

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