Dorchester Hotel
Location Details
Address: South Mayfair, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: C,4 - 1 (SW)
Owner: Owner
Type: Lodging - 5 Star Hotel
Wealth: Well-To-Do($$$)


Surrounded by immaculately-trimmed gardens and occupying what could possibly be considered the most prestigious acre-and-a-half of real estate in the modern world, the Dorchester Hotel stands out like a sapphire amidst rose petals. Her two-hundred and fifty rooms (forty-nine of which being suites) are arranged neatly in wide, ornate hallways of marble and masterfully-crafted wooden panelling across eight storeys, not counting the ground floor.

The lobby of the Dorchester resembles a grand entrance hall to a palace rather than that of an exquisite temporary lodging. Between two large front desks stands a hallway leading to the tea rooms, bar and restaurants; all of which bear the finest in 20th century furnishings. In the floors above, the rooms themselves sport large beds, plush lounges and other furniture fit for the upper crust of London's most affluent. The suites on the upper floors offer this and more, some single suites spanning two floors with four-poster beds and immaculately-maintained washrooms of white Italian Carrara marble.


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