Embassies of the World
Location Details
Address: Belgravia, West End, London, England, United Kingdrom
Coordinates: C,5 - 3 (SE)
Owner: The Royal Estate
Type: Government
Wealth: Rich ($$$$)


In the heart of classical Belgravia, Embassy Row is where the British Empire takes the pulse of the world. Building after building, on both sides of the crater-pocked street, bear the flags of foreign countries. The soldiers of foreign powers stand guard outside tall fences. Pride of place is given over to the embassies from the other members of the United Kingdom, great stone edifices with hordes of telephone lines running outward, like the various centers of a single tangled, web. The American embassy seems just as busy, a stand-alone structure surrounded on all sides by a tall, wrought-iron fence. Marines in their elegant dress black uniforms stand outside a small, formal, pillbox. Though their uniforms may be impractical, the M1 Garands that they carry — and the Thompson submachine guns kept in the gatehouse — appear to be fully functional. Directly across the street is the embassy of the Soviet Empire, guarded by men with fur hats. The two embassies — let alone the two guards — appear to be having a staring contest. And further down the way, what had once been the embassies of Italy, Germany, and Japan are, currently, empty and unguarded.


  • United States Ambassador - John Gilbert Winant is tall and lean, this man is dapper-dressed in an immaculate three-piece suit with a small lapel pin of an American flag its only decoration. His features are narrow and intelligent, with slightly-too-large ears and a sharp, narrow-bridged nose. His eyes are deep-set and a dark brown, almost black, and they radiate intelligence. Deep creases line his cheeks and the corners of his mouth. Dark hair has been lightly pomaded and cut in a sharp left-facing part. Straight-backed, he stands as though he were a soldier at attention. There is an indefinable air of sadness about the man, but it comes along with an iron-hard resolve.
  • Belgium Ambassador - Baron Emile de Cartier de Marchienne is small and elegant, in an evening suit, this gentleman appears to be a generation behind the time. His lovely ascot is plum-purple, and secured with a tiny diamond pin. His hair is a perfect snow-white and well on its way to disappearing entirely, but he bears his age with dignity. A striking, sharp-tipped moustache juts defiantly out to either side. His features are worn and tired, with deep bags beneath his eyes, but his eyes gleam with the intelligent fury of an old lion. There is no laughter in his expression, only grim resolve.
  • Norwegian Embassy - After the German invasion of Norway in April 1940, the entire Royal Family and Norwegian Government took asylum in London. So it is the King of Norway himself, King Haakon VII, that acts as 'Ambassador'. This royal figure wears a a military uniform as though he belongs in it, and he certainly has more right than most. Fit and muscular, his chest adorned with ribbons and marks of military Orders, the man bears himself like a gladiator. His hair is thinning just a touch, sandy-blond, with just a hint of a wave. His features are almost effeminate, with deep-set eyes, so dark that they might be touched with kohl — but they are not. They are, however, cold and calculating. His moustache is outrageous, waxed to a fine point, sharply-tilted upward. His uniform's tie is rakishly-knotted, the only affectation that he seems to grant himself.
  • Russian Ambassador - Ivan Maisky is short and approaching stoutness, this man is deep into his middle years. He is unremarkable in appearance, with a pudgy frame and a face that is reminiscent of Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes fame. His moustache is bristly, but kept in a reasonable trim. Dark brown eyes twinkle with mischief, and there is a kindliness to the man's manner. He's dressed in a perfectly respectable suit, but something in the way that he wears it implies that he has not always worn a suit.
  • Netherlands Embassy - After the German invasion of the Netherlands, Queen Wilhelmina and the rest of the Dutch Government found refuge in London. The Queen therefor acted as Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The Queen is of average height, this woman carries herself with the regal bearing of a queen — which, of course, she is. Her auburn hair has been swept up and pinned into an elegant bun. A tiara is pinned to her hair, silver studded with diamonds. She wears a — relatively - plain gown of white, with a silver riviera of diamonds and sapphires rushing down her neck. The dress is embroidered with gold thread around the bodice, but is otherwise pure lily white.

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