The Grenadier Pub

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Location Details
Address: 18 Wilton Row, Belgrave Square, London
Coordinates: C,5 - 7 (NW)
Owner: For Sale
Type: Business - Entertainment - Pub
Wealth: Menu: Well-To-Do ($$$)
To Own: Rich ($$$$)


The exterior of this pub has been painted in a garish blue and red pattern, the doors blue and the windows painted crimson. Gold lettering declares it to be The Grenadier. Within, the place is exactly as traditional as one might expect. Its customers tend toward the wealthier crowd, men wearing respectable tweed and pinstripe suits. The man behind the bar is stocky, bald, and looks as though he would rather be in a different uniform. Regimental paraphernalia lines the walls, some dating back three hundred years, to the origins of the King's Royal Grenadiers. Several beers are on tap, and a small kitchen in back implies that there might even be a fry-up, were one to ask politely. The place is dimly-lit, with varnished floors and tables. Comfortable booths are lined with red padding, providing little nooks of privacy.


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