Faulkner Residence

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Location Details
Address: Sloan Square, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: C,6 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Charles Keith Faulkner
Type: Residence
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


An upper class townhouse, this terraced home is situated on a side street with a mews running along the back to what, until a few decades ago, was the carriage house and is now storage for an automobile. The home is older, built in the Regency style, with a pale stone exterior, porticoed entrance, and large windows. A formal parlour and dining room are on the ground floor, while a set of stairs leads up to the first and second floors with family space, an informal living room, study, and several bedrooms.
The fittings throughout the house are of the highest quality, with polished wood floors, marble chimneypieces, and ornate screens covering the many fireplaces. The gas lamps were long ago replaced with electric, but the ornate fittings remain. The decor seems to be rather "English Gentleman", though there are a few feminine touches, with fresh flowers and chintz pillows here and there to lighten to mood. The only exception is the study, which is rather shabby chic, with an RAF sword over the fireplace, along with a wooden prop from a plane, and shelves filled with many well-loved volumes. A small enclosed garden is behind the home, with a balcony overlooking it from the first and second floors, and a small terrace on the roof provides a bit of outdoor space.


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Charles Faulkner
Owner & Resident

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Rena Faulkner

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