Carrow Investment Services LTD

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Location Details
Address: Euston, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: D,1 - 1 (SW)
Owner: Hector Byron Rhys Carrow
Type: Business
Wealth: Comfortable ($$)


A functional and well designed business space is laid out before you upon entering this particular establishment. To the left of the double door entryway is a front desk made from a cherry varnished oak that is constructed in a L shape to seat one person. The desk is covered in papers and a phone, all neatly organized for use of a secretary of some sort. To the right of the entry is a set of plush high backed leather chairs of a similar color to the desk and other wooden affects in office space. A tall grandfather clock stands in the corner of the room beside a few portraits of the elders of the Carrow Family businessmen.

At the back of the room there is a set of walls with misty glass windows that allow light and the vaguest of figures to be seen through it, a large office flanked by two small meeting rooms. Another door leads to a back room space is currently closed.


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Hector Byron Rhys Carrow

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