Clerkenwell Catacombs - Bomb and Air Raid Shelter
Location Details
Address: Clerkenwell, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: D,2 - 9 (NE)
Type: Public Service - Shelter
Wealth: -


Once upon a time, these brick-lined tunnels housed the debtors, murderers, rapists, and criminals of London. Now they house — as rarely as possible — the good citizens of the same city, taking shelter from German bombers. Narrow cells that once held men chained to the walls have been filled with cots. Light bulbs are suspended from the ceiling, bare wire running toward a generator. The ceiling has been shored up in numerous places, steel support girders pressing into iron plates in an attempt to keep the bricks from spilling down on sheltering civilians. Several cells have been devoted to supply storage — canned rations and medical supplies, in case of the all-too-likely emergencies. There is also an entire room stacked with gas masks, both for adults and children. The walls are covered in instructional posters, showing glamorous women placing the gas masks smoothly on their faces. The place smells of ancient sweat and musk.

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