The Ritz Hotel
Location Details
Address: 150 Piccadilly, Picadilly and Pall Mall, West End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: D,4 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Bracewell-Smith Family
Type: Lodging - 5 Star Hotel
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$)


On the corner of Piccadilly looms the magnificent Ritz Motel. Cut stone has been shaped into elegant, Victorian-era architecture. The first floor, leading into the lobbies, has been cut into a series of classical arches, capped by a long, sculpted, gutter. Even the drainage pipes are decorated, albeit in a manner that keeps their appearance subtle, as though there were something distasteful in the duty of shepherding water from the sky to the ground. Each of the floors above the lobby level show rows of windows with tiny balconies overlooking the city. The roof was once dull bronze, but over the years, a soft green patina has softened the building into a classic beauty. It is sloped and recedes to a rooftop walkway, with small sculptures appointed to stand guard over the last row of windows.


The Berkley Suite


The Berkley suite is, in short, lavish. The living area of the suite is carpeted in egg-blue, red, and gold in a pattern reminiscent of Versailles and Louis XIV's love of extravagance. The rest of the room is decorated in kind; a pair of elegant blue-embroidered couches and an antique sitting chair done in white and pastel blue. A long side-table is parked behind one of the couches, several antique bowls set atop it. Exquisite paintings hang over a fireplace and in several tasteful places.

Through a sliding panel-door, the bedroom has been wall-papered in a soft pink, and it frames the whole room in a soft glow. The carpeting is also a pale pink. The huge bed has a white-and-yellow blanket, and more blankets are stored in a pink-covered cabinet at the base of the bed. There is a table set up against the wall, half boudoir and half writing desk.

The Piccadilly Suite


Done in a rather modern fashion, the Piccadilly Suite is an exhibit in open space and minimalism. The sitting-room has been done in eggshell white, with a few small landscape portraits set in tastefully-discreet places. A gorgeous eighteenth-century chest of drawers centers one wall, and a plum-and-white striped couch anchors another, with a plum sitting chair across from it. There is a small dining area, with hardwood chairs and a gorgeous antique table.

A long hallway separates the bedroom from the living room; antiques line the wall: a gorgeous cabinet, several paintings, an exquisite golden clock set atop a glass table. The bedroom is as elegant as the rest of the suite, a beautiful bed anchoring the room. Its white blanket has tiny blue flowers sewn into it, and a gorgeous silk runner of navy blue. The various small tables set up around the room appear to be antiques.

The Royal Suite


With its tall ceilings, gorgeous gilt-work across the ceiling, the heavy gold candelabra, the seventeenth-century mirror, the painting by one of the Great Masters, this suite has earned the Royal title. The stone fireplace with its marble facings carved into statues belongs in a manor house and not in a hotel, as do the velvet-covered chairs and the silk-shaded lamps. Massive, floor-to-ceiling windows are protected by heavy velvet curtains.

Down the hall, the dining room is equally impressive, with its massive twenty-person table. Ancient walnut makes up the table, whorls and patterns made golden beneath the heavy chandelier. The sideboards are filled with gleaming silver.

The bedroom is a smaller version of the massive living area, with its three floor-to-ceiling windows and light curtains. Heavy giltwork crawls up the walls, and divides the ceiling in a gorgeous sunburst passage. Red velvet chairs with golden gilt are matched with a crimson cushion-covered chest at the foot of the bed. The fireplace is quarter the size of the one in the sitting room, but it is a perfect replica in miniature.

The Trafalgar Suite


Desc Wanted: The Trafalgar Suite

The Prince of Wales Suite


Desc Wanted: The Prince of Wales Suite

The Ritz Restaurant


Desc Wanted: Restaurant It takes Wealth: Well-To-Do to be able to afford the luxury of eating here. Or a Windfall cookie cost for a Wealth: Comfortable character.

The Ritz Club


Desc Wanted: The Ritz Club Casino and Bar. There is a fee to enter the Casino and people must be of the Wealth: Well-To-Do to do so.

Occupants and Employees

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