Royal Hospital

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Location Details
Address: Chelsea, West End, London, United Kingdom
Coordinates: D,6 - 3 (SE)
Type: Public Service — Hospital


From the outside, The Royal Hospital looks less like a hospital, and more like a great academy. The hospital surrounds a large grassy courtyard, in the middle of which is a statue of King Charles II. The entrance is a great pillared four-story stone entrance with a clock, with a steeple rising behind it. Other than the entrance, the hospital is made up of red brick and on the front wall is many tall windows, though smaller individual room windows are visible on the walls to the sides of the courtyard. Inside, in the public areas, the hospital looks almost like a palace, with huge tapestries and large paintings on display, with carved wood on the walls and black and white tiles on the floors. Even the patient rooms, where the old and disabled soldiers live in retirement, themselves give the idea of being in a great inn more than a hospital, and there's no doubt anywhere that the patients are well taken care of. The infirmary wing of the hospital, holding 80 patients, is the only area that actually looks anything like a hospital. Built centuries after the rest of the hospital, there's less art to that wing and more function, though it still shows a level of style much like the rest of the hospital.


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