Location Details
Address: Red Light District, Kings Cross, East End, London, United Kingdom
Coordinates: E,1 - 3 - 1
Owner: NPC
Type: Business - Burlesque
Wealth: All Wealth Levels Welcome


This large square room is dimly illuminated by orange tinted lamps lined along the walls. The room is full of four person tables with which are typically crowded with customers, the majority of them of the male kind. The walls are paneled in dark wood with the exception of half the right hand wall and the back wall. The half of the right wall not covered in wood is instead covered in mirror backed shelves, full of all kind of liquor bottles. The mirrors are protected by a long bar made out of oak with brass fittings, fittings that badly need a polish. Instead of a back wall there is a twelve foot deep stage that is as wide as the room itself. Old fashioned clamshell reflectors line the curved edge of the stage and everything but the front two feet of the boards are hidden by Burgundy velvet curtains.


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