House Lorelei
Location Details
Address: Red Light District, Kings Cross, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: E,1 - 3 - 2
Owner: Madam Lorelei
Type: Business — Bordello
Wealth: Varies


The first floor of this two storey building is simply a well appointed sitting room. Victorian style couches and love-seats are scattered over attractive rugs and a fire place sitting between the two curving arms of the grand staircase houses a roaring fire that provide both heat and illumination. The illumination is supplemented by lamps, most pairs of which have large yet tastefully painted nudes hung between them. Over the sitting room hangs an old-fashioned crystal chandelier that uses actual candles, supplementing the lamps in a way that lights the whole room in a soft orange glow. Young ladies and even some young men varied enough in body type and attitude to suit most tastes come in and out from behind a heavy red velvet curtain, frequently carrying trays of finger food or drinks to offer their guests. These same welcoming young people will frequently be seen walking up the deeply red runner covering both arms of the staircase with a guest or two in tow and disappearing into one of the doors partially visible through the gilded railing lining the second floor atrium. Standing still enough to seem like statues some very large men in impeccable black suits occupy most of the corners of the sitting room as well as opening the front doors for those lucky enough to get in or for those ready to leave. Heavy red velvet curtains cover all outside windows and are kept intentionally closed to better disguise the real time in the outside world.

Occupants & Employees

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Madam Lorelei
Owner & Madam

Private Rooms


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