King's Cross Rail Station
Location Details
Address: Kings Cross, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: E,1 - 7 (NW)
Type: Business — Transportation
Wealth: Varies


Once past the spacious concourse, with its ticket stand, food kiosks, and newsstands, King's Cross rail station is almost cavernous. Tall, arched ceilings cover the 11 platforms housed by the station and provide illumination through a mixture of bright lamps and massive skylights that run the length of the tunnels formed by the ceilings. Some of the platforms are divided in half by square, red brick columns that raise up to support the arched iron latticework holding up the ceiling tunnels. Newspaper pages and other debris swirl along the floor on the breezes created by the constantly arriving and departing trains. From time to time a loud steam whistle slices through the constant dull roar created by the trains and the people coming and going from the station.

Platform 9 3/4

The home of the Hogwarts Express.

This platform is very similar to any other platform in King's Cross station except for a few details. At the beginning of the platform there is a wrought-iron archway bearing a sign that reads Platform Nine and Three-Quarters occupying the same space as that taken up by a wide brick column at King's Cross station. Right under the arch of the skylighted ceiling, jutting out from the second column of the platform, there is a clock with large colorful sign hanging under it that clearly marks this as the platform for the Hogwarts Express. This platform is also noticeably cleaner than most of the other platforms at King's Cross station although no less noisy.


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