Residence Owned By Gilbert
Location Details
Address: E23 Finsbury, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: E,2 - 3 (SE)
Owner: Gilbert Sullivan
Type: Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)


The walls in #3 Finsbury Estate have been wallpapered in a striking chintz pattern composed of curling emerald green oriental dragons alternating with curling jade dragons. Dark, forest green roses and vines are interlaced amongst the dragons all of it printed on a iridescent, lime green background. The last two feet of the walls are paneled in gleaming cherry wainscoting, nicely offsetting the vibrant greens of the wall paper.
The room is furnished with a set of two matching Art Deco cherry arm chairs and a couch, all of them upholstered in a soft dove grey velveteen shot with jade pinstripes. The furniture is accessorized with a large coffee table and multiple end tables designed in the same Art Deco style, all of them in matching cherry with mahogany inlays.
An archway leads from the living room to a small kitchen in the back and a door in the west wall leads to the two bedrooms and the flat's bathroom, all of them decorated in a similar style to the living room with the exception of the walls being painted in soft, warm colors instead of being wallpapered.


The apartment looks like a normal apartment except for one detail, the decorations. All over the apartment rather random and unusual items are used as decorations. On one wall is a display case of ballpoint pens that range from the cheapest to an example of a Mont-Blanc. On one of the end tables sits a photograph of an electron microscope. The center piece of the living room is a small plinth set up on the coffee table with a camera displayed like a fine art sculpture and then there's the display of rolls of different kinds of tape.

The Ferret Room

The second bedroom has been taken over by ferrets. Conceivably there's still space for a guest to saty in this bedroom as the bed hasn't been moved out. But they better like ferrets because almost half the room is taken up by what is a veritable ferret palace with all kinds of ferret toys and entertainment in it.


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Gilbert Sullivan
Owner & Resident


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