E27 Finsbury
Location Details
Address: E27 Finsbury, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: E,2 - 7 (NW)
Owner: Niobe
Type: Residence
Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)


E27 Finsbury Estate is a tidy, well-maintained, and well appointed house. All of the furnishings have been studiously maintained and still look nearly brand new. The style seems to be Art Deco, the feeling of the room that of the late 1920s, with just a hint of a modernizing flair. Vintage, but carefully curated. The floors are hardwood or tile, depending on the needs of the room, and the seating is comfortable and inviting, with plenty of rich fabrics and soft cushions. Lush area rubs provide warmth and a dampening of sound where needed. A small parlour seems to be the focal point of the first floor, but there is also a small dining room, kitchen and a wash room. The second floor has three main rooms, a master bedroom, a guest room, and a room that has been converted into an office. Other nooks and crannies exist, additionally, waiting to be discovered.


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Niobe Amelia Walker
Owner & Resident

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