Wyndham's Theatre
Location Details
Address: Leicester Square, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: E,3 - 3 (SE)
Type: Business — Entertainment
Wealth: Varies


Think of the word "opera house" and this is the sort of place that will most likely be brought to mind. The theater is often described in the context of light, and this is a place that shines burnished gold, the walls radiating both with illumination and with history, reflecting the tastes of a time when theater was considered to be refined and for the wealthy. The boxes overflow with light, the seats too - everything shining or glimmering or looking voluptuous and opulent. Clean lines denote the rows of theater seats, the lines glowing gold as well, the accoutrements of the seats resplendent in the coloration. Velvety curtains drape along the ceilings of luxuriant theater boxes. All in all, the decadence of the place is the principle impression - but when the lights go out in the open auditorium, all attention turns to the performers, as it should be.


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