Charing Cross Books
Location Details
Address: 47 Charing Cross Road, East End, London
Coordinates: E,4 - 7
Owner: Normal Mulligan
Type: Business - Book Shop
Wealth: Well-To-Do ($$$$)
A wizard standing outside of Charing Cross Books, preparing to cross the road to the Leaky Cauldron.

Shop Description

Situated on the corner of Charing Cross Road and Tottenham Court Road, directly across the street from the Leaky Cauldron, is this quaint bookstore. It is denoted by a simple hanging sign, painted black with "Charing Cross Books" in white lettering. The two walls facing the streets are dominated by large display windows, showing off the latest and most popular books to passers-by.

A bell jingles to announce visitors when the door opens, which is useful if an employee is spelunking deep in the dim, narrow aisles of the tightly packed bookshelves in the back of the shop. One gloomy corner, avoided by most customers, contains the shop's greatest oddity: a section on the occult and supernatural. Things are more brightly lit and spacious and toward the front, giving shoppers room to wander between display tables containing new releases, best sellers, and occasional themed collections based on seasons, holidays, or recent events.

The checkout counter is by the door, itself laden with novelty books, kitschy bookmarks, some candies for sale, and an old-fashioned cash register. Behind the counter is a set of stairs to the second story flat. Beneath those stairs is a locked door leading to a small office and a storeroom.


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Norman Mulligan
Owner and Manager

Flat Description

The stairs lead to a small landing and the front door. Inside the door is a narrow entry hall with coat hooks on the wall. The walls all throughout the flat are laden with many family photos, none of which have seen a duster in many years.

The cluttered living room is a semi-organised mess. Stacks of books are everywhere along the walls and around furniture. The sofa is entirely covered in books, newspapers, magazines, and old mail; the coffee table is in much the same state, save for a few teacup-sized spaces. Three chairs provide the only real sitting space (when they aren't piled with reading material).

The kitchen is cosy, and surprisingly clean compared to the living room. It has a refrigerator and an electric oven and stove-top. A coffee-stained breakfast table sits in one corner, usually with the day's newspaper still laying upon it.

The two bedrooms are roughly equal in size, neither particularly spacious. Each contains a full sized bed, nightstand, and dresser. One is clearly lived in, with occasional bits of laundry left about. The other is pristine, distinguished only by a stuffed dragon doll standing guard on the bedside table.


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Norman Mulligan

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