The Leaky Cauldron
Location Details
Address: Charing Cross, London
Coordinates: E,4 - 9 (NE)
Owner: Dodderidge Family since 1500
Type: Pub Business
Wealth: Comfortable ($$$)


Stepping into the Leaky Cauldron is a bit like standing in two places at once. As the doorway between Muggle and Wizarding London, this establishment strives to maintain a cheerful air of welcome and conviviality. Wooden surfaces are clean, brass is polished to a bright shine, and the smell of great food and even better beverages wafts through from the kitchen and behind the bar. The owners of this wizarding establishment have clearly gone to great lengths to create a hallowed neutral meeting place where politics are kept polite and fights are not permitted. However, despite all the enlightened neutrality, the technology and substance here is all Wizarding. There are floating candles and lanterns, wizarding beverages, wizarding food. There's a table or two of wizard's chess and an enchanted dart board up against the far wall that alternates colours and even shifts the bull's eye around.

Room 1

The old oak door swings open into a wide, comfortable room. A sturdy bed occupies the center of the far wall and to its side is a well worn, but comfortable arm chair. A dark green ottoman stands in front of the chair. A wide window opens up behind the chair, casting cool light into the room.

Room 2

This room is a comfortable size. Two beds stand opposite each other, one on each wall. A large end table sits between the two beds. A window is open above the table, allowing any light and the sounds of the street waft up into the room.

Room 3

This room is a comfortable size. Two beds stand opposite each other, one on each wall. A large end table sits between the two beds. A window is open above the table, allowing any light and the sounds of the street waft up into the room.


While the bulk of the customers need a wealth level of Comfortable to eat or lodge at the Leaky Cauldron, Elly won't let anyone go hungry and she'll prepare a bit of a simple meal for anyone that comes in.


From the Underground Tube station type 'LC' twice. -Or- type from the Tube: 'cc' and then 'lc'.

The Dodderidge Family


Other Employees




Alcoholic drinks will not be served to anyone under the age of 16.


Bloody Nose Turnip Wine
Bungbarrel Spiced Mead
Celery & Beetroot Wine
Chocolate Liqueur
Daisyroot Draught
Elderflower Wine
Elf-Made Wine
Knotgrass Mead
Nettle Wine
Red Currant Rum
Red Wine
Rose Wine
Single Malt Whiskey
Sparkling Wine
Spiked Eggnog
White Wine


Cherry Syrup
Dragon Milk
Exploding Lemonade
Hot Chocolate
Ice Tea
McSpratts Sparkling Water
Nettle Tea
Orange Juice
Peachtree Fizzing Tea
Pomegranate Juice
Pumpkin Juice


Asperagus_and_Cheese_Soup.jpg Soup, Leaky Leaky (Asparagus and Cheese)
5 knuts
Beef_and_Barley_Soup.jpg Beef and Barley
5 knuts
Beef_Stew.jpg Beef Stew
6 knuts
Carrot_Soup.jpg Carrot Soup
3 knuts
Cheese_and_Onion_Soup.jpg Cheese and Onion Soup
3 knuts
Cream_of_Almond_Soup.jpg Cream of Almond Soup
4 knuts
Cream_of_Artichoke_Soup.jpg Soup Leaky House (Cream of Artichoke Soup)
5 knuts
Cream_of_Celery_Soup.jpg Cream of Celery Soup
3 knuts
Cream_of_Lemon_Soup.jpg Leaky Soup (Cream of Lemon Soup)
4 knuts
Cream_of_Onion_Soup.jpg Cream of Onion Soup
3 knuts
Cream_of_Parsley_Soup.jpg Cream of Parsley Soup
3 knuts
Cream_of_Spinach_Soup.jpg Cream of Spinach Soup
3 knuts
Cream_of_Vegetable_Soup.jpg Cream of Vegetable Soup
3 knuts
Curried_Parsnip_Soup.jpg Soup House Leaky (Curried Parsnip Soup)
3 knuts
Devonshire_Crab_Soup.jpg Soup, Soup Soup (Devonshire Crab Soup)
5 knuts
Green_Pea_and_Bacon_Chowder.jpg Green Pea and Bacon Chowder
3 knuts
Harvest_Vegetable_Soup.jpg Leaky House Soup (Harvest Vegetable Soup)
3 knuts
Lamb_and_Veal_Stew.jpg Lamb and Veal Stew
7 knuts
Lettuce_Soup.jpg Lettuce Soup
3 knuts
Mulligatawny_Soup.jpg House, House Soup (Mulligatawny)
5 knuts
Mushroom_and_Watercress_Soup.jpg Mushroom and Watercress Soup
4 knuts
Mushroom_Soup.jpg House Leaky Soup (Mushroom Soup)
4 knuts
Mushroom_Stew.jpg Mushroom Stew
5 knuts
Potato_and_Leek_Soup.jpg Leaky and Potato Soup (Potato Leek)
4 knuts
Prawn_Bisque.jpg Prawn Bisque
7 knuts
Seafood_Stew.jpg Seafood Stew
7 knuts
Smoked_Fish_Chowder.jpg Smoked Fish Chowder
5 knuts
Spinach_and_Orange_Soup.jpg Leaky, Leaky Soup (Spinach and Orange Soup)
5 knuts
Stilton_Soup.jpg House Soup Leaky (Stilton Soup)
3 knuts
Tomato_Soup.jpg Tomato Soup
3 knuts
Venison_Stew.jpg Venison Stew
7 knuts
Watercress_Soup.jpg Watercress Soup
3 knuts
White_Bean_Soup.jpg Leaky Soup House (White Bean)
4 knuts



Eggs and a Gammon of Bacon
English Breakfast - Baked Beans, Toast, One Egg (Cooked to Preference), Blood Sausage, Sausage, Fried Mushrooms, Fried tomato.



Steak and Kidney Pie
Carp Pie
Herring Pie
Eel and Oyster Pie
Seafood Pie
Lamb Pie
Chicken Pie
Quail Pie
Pheasant Pie
Venison and Cranberries
Lavender Honey Glazed Half Roast Chicken
Roasted Carp
Barrel Up Oysters (Pickled Oysters)
White Wine Boiled Fish
Boiled Eel
White Wine Braised Hare (Rabbit)
Rabbit Fricassee
Lamb stuffed & served with Oysters
Tongue Hash
Black Pudding


Bubble and Squeak
Mushy Peas
Yorkshire Pudding


Almond-Ginger-Peach Treacle Tart
Apple Crumble Pie
Apple Pie
Apple Tart
Banana Fritters with Caramel Sauce
Knickerbocker Glory
Christmas Trifle (Served during Winter)
Custard Tart
Pumpkin Pie (Served During Autumn)
Spotted Dick

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