Palace of Westminster

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Location Details
Address: Westminster, East End, London, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: E,5 - 3 (SE)
Owner: British Parliment
Type: Government


The Westminster Palace interior is awe inspiring, narrow and long with a high vaulted ceiling. Rows of pew like on run the length in progressive tiered columns, facing towards the center of the grand hall. The benches fashioned, as much here is, of the legendary English Oak, and cushioned at the back in green dyed leather. Rich carpeting lines the center walk, and runs up the stairs between the stacks of bench. The feeling of history is inescapable, as if the sensation of having entered a cathedral, as that was the long ago purpose of the room. Sectioned and intricate oak paneling creates a symmetrical pattern about the room.

At the head of the room sits a large comfortable wooden seat, easily recognized as throne, a slight steeple awning covers this impressive center piece. To the left of the seat of importance is an ornate door to allow special access to the head of the room. Before the throne are placed three seats with a slighted scribes desk shared in length before them. Against this is an strong sturdy table easily three meters in length and two in width. Opposite the once pulpit head of the room are great double doors and the access from without with a slight squeezed feel created by several small scribing desks for the secretaries and recorders.

The public viewing gallery is located on upper balconys that run the a leaner rout and style about the ministers benches on a high second floor. Here too, lighting from the outside enters the room through large arched windows. Everything throughout the room is maliciously and reverently polished and cleaned.


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