Downing Street

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10 Downing Street. As famous an address as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, if not more. The exterior is unassuming, while inside, there are nearly 100 rooms within, as it serves not only as the private residence of the Prime Minister (third floor), but also as the official Head Quarters of Her Majesty's Government. The other floors contain offices, conferences rooms, reception areas, sitting and dining rooms for entertaining other Heads of State. Originally three houses, it was an act by George II to combine them as the location is perfect; in proximity to both Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster.

Upon entering, there is the main staircase that rises without any visible supports up to the third floor, with wrought iron balustrades. Photographs and engravings of Prime Ministers line the wall of the stairs.

The Cabinet Room has pairs of weight-bearing columns at the entrance of it, while the walls are lined with windows looking out. Brass chandeliers hang from the raised ceiling, giving the room an overall look of warmth. A large table is the most notable presence in the room, large enough to accommodate 23 mahogany chairs.


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