Library of London

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Coordinates: F,2 - 1 - Li
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Wealth: Rich ($$$$$)


Entering the library is like entering a vast chapel. The library itself is a huge circle, two stories high in the center of which a large, circular mahogany desk, polished until it gleams, gives the librarians an unobstructed view of most of the stacks. The stacks themselves, matching the central desk in design and upkeep, extend three quarters of the way from the outer wall to the middle of the room; packed with books to the bursting point. The space between the central desk and the end of the stacks is taken up by long mahogany tables surrounded by leather upholstered chairs and lit by multiple small brass lamps with green glass shades. And like a chapel the whole place is respectfully silent, making the turning of a page, the scuff of a shoe or the shush of a librarian clearly audible.


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Hidden from Muggles Inside the Library

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