Bourne Estate Tenements

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Address: IC Address
Coordinates: F,2 - 3
Owner: Owner
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Wealth: Rich ($$$$$)


Built of beige, orange, and red brick, the Bourne Estate tenement buildings stand five stories tall. Extending out from a central area over a driveway arch, the apartment entrances are two the left and right on landings at each level, with an open-sided stairwell beyond that which give access to each level of the buildings. The apartments themselves are relatively large, with many windows. The architecture is turn of the century with a grand sense of sturdy elegance. It's the sort of building inside and out that can and will endure many changes in fad. Because of it's more modern creation wall to wall carpet is found in the residences with hardwood flooring only found in high traffic public areas. But even those areas are decorated with carpet runners to dampen the sounds of said heavy foot traffic. State of the art tenement facility, the model for many a tenement building yet to be built.


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