Creature Induced Injuries

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Three of the four walls in this large room are taken up by cabinets secured both by Muggle locks and heavy duty charms. Within the cabinets there are all sorts of medical supplies including things as simple as bandages and cotton swabs and things as magical as Skele-gro Potions and Blood Replenishing potions. Anything a Healer would need to help treat injuries and maladies caused by unfortunate encounters with creatures mundane or magical can be found in these cabinets. One of the more unique items in this wing of St. Mungo's are the ambulatory screens that follow Healers around on their little wheels and are capable of seeing into patient's bodies and displaying what they find as easily as they can create a magical image of any creature described by a patient to help identify what might have caused their injuries. Curtains hang from the ceiling and can be used to provide patients and their guests and doctors with complete privacy when necessary as they are ensorcelled to cut out all sound coming in or out when completely closed. During the day the rooms is illuminated by the sunlight coming in from the wards windows, supplemented by shiny light globes floating around the ceiling.


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